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What is The Leapfrog Programme?

The Leapfrog Programme supports children aged 5 – 10 years old and their mums who have experienced domestic abuse. A mum’s programme and a separate children’s programme run alongside each other for 10 weeks, enabling a safe environment for discussion, healing and moving on.

Leapfrog aims to:

  • support mum’s and children to speak out about their experience
  • identify positive and negative relationship behaviour
  • re-establish their relationship with each other

Referral Criteria for Leapfrog

Mum’s and their children are able to attend the Leapfrog Programme if the following criteria are met:

  • Mums and their children have experienced some form of domestic abuse;
  • Children must be aged 5 – 10 years old
  • Mum’s and their children must make a commitment to attend all 10 sessions of the programme across the 10 weeks;
  • Mums must be out of the domestically abusive relationship and the perpetrator must not be living with the family. Perpetrators can still be having contact with the children e.g. through court orders or mutually agreed arrangements, but must not be in residence;
  • Mums must complete a Leapfrog assessment with a member of staff to discuss the family’s situation and risk before attending the programme;

We are still  taking referrals for Leapfrog during the Covid-19 response. Although we are unable to deliver the leapfrog programme as before, we are offering phone and video support to all of the families who have been referred to us. Please continue to make your referral and we will make contact with mum and continue to offer support. We will be in touch with you once we get back to regular delivery. Thank you….The Leapfrog Team

Domestic Abuse

Are you lonely, scared, and confused and feel no one understands what you have been through?

We have been there and done that!

We provide 1-2-1 mentor support with someone who has walked in your shoes.

Who are we?

#GTTS is a group of volunteers who have recovered from an abusive relationship and are now ready to share their experiences to help others move forward. All our volunteers are DBS enhanced and have received Accredited Peer Mentoring training. They also receive domestic abuse and safeguarding training as well as regular supervision.

What does our support look like?

  • 1-2-1 support from a mentor
  • Goal focused weekly sessions to allow you to focus on what you want to happen
  • Opportunity to let you talk about your hopes, fears and how you can stay free from abuse in a relationship
  • Drop in sessions at locations in the community
  • Be part of a survivor’s network to share and learn about different ways of re shaping your future
  • Identifying your skills and strengths and how you can use them to help others.

How can I get support?

#GTTS is open to anyone age 18 years or over who has experienced domestic abuse or who has just come out of an abusive relationship.

Do you want to volunteer as a #GTTS mentor?

#GTTS team has volunteers of all ages and from lots of different backgrounds. We want to hear from you if your life experience can be of benefit to others who may still be struggling with what has happened to them. We are looking for people with the following skills.

  • Emotional strength to support domestic abuse survivor
  • Willingness and ability to listen to people
  • Confident, sympathetic and can inspire trust
  • Friendly and approachable with a genuine enthusiasm to support others
  • Ability to work with a range of personalities, cultures, views and opinions
  • Able to maintain strict confidentiality
  • Positive outlook, sense of humour and willingness to learn from others.

Are you a survivor of domestic abuse, are you struggling with being in an abusive relationship?

Come and meet our mentors who have been there, done that and have now “got the tee shirt”.

In light of the lockdown, Our Lighthouse team are holding weekly #GotTheTeeShirt support session at 11am each Friday. For further information please email for a chance to meet with people who understand where you have been.

**All welcome**



Wirral Council and its partners are working collectively to prevent and reduce domestic abuse, through Wirral’s Zero Tolerance to Domestic Abuse Pledge (Wirral Plan 2020). A new Zero Tolerance to Domestic Abuse Business Quality Mark is being launched at a high profile conference on Tuesday 30 October 2018.

Domestic abuse costs the UK economy £1.9 billion in lost output every year. A handful of Wirral businesses are being sought to participate as part of a ‘pilot’ group to be the first to achieve the new Zero Tolerance to Domestic Abuse Business Quality Mark. The aim is to help staff feel supported and confident in approaching their employer for help; improve the work environment for all employees through minimising stress and absenteeism and increase employee commitment to the organisation.

The successful pilot businesses will be awarded their certificates at the conference, following which there will be publicity around the launch of this new initiative focusing upon the businesses who have achieved the Quality Mark in the first tranche. Medium and large sized businesses will no doubt be well on their way to meeting the Quality Mark, but free support and training will be given to achieving this by a specialist officer within local charity, Involve North-West. This will focus upon equipping businesses and managers with the skills to recognise the signs of domestic abuse; responding appropriately and effectively and signposting and/or referring victims. Successful businesses with public areas may also opt to become a ‘Safe Point’ and further information can be provided around this.