TestimonialsInvolve Northwest

I have nothing but praise and admiration for the fantastic work you do, and the way you bring a positive influence to many people’s lives.” -Councillor Brian Kenny, Wirral Borough Council

My thanks to your organisation, and in particular to Martin Richards, for the guidance, help and support he kindly provided when I visited for help with my ESA application. I am delighted to tell you that this application was approved by the DWP. I am very grateful to Martin and wish all at Involve Northwest every success.” -Anonymous (Benefits Client)

When I first came to see you I was at a very low point due to the stress and anxiety brought on by debt issues. You helped me prioritise my actions with regards to dealing with it and acted as my advocate, which was of immediate benefit in dealing with my debtors and gave me breathing space for the first time in years.” -Anonymous (Debt Client)

Along the way you helped me budget, and stick to it, and in turn gain help from United Utilities Trust fund which was an enormous help.” -Anonymous (Debt Client)

Thank you so much – it means the world to me that you thought I was good enough to be placed. I had no idea what the outcome was going to be as there were a lot of very talented people in the competition. I was definitely both flattered and shocked at the outcome. It really has given me the boost to grasp every opportunity that now comes my way, as I would love to carry on singing in front of people.” -Singer and Tomorrow’s Talent Winner, Eleanor Charlotte

Thanks for the invitation to the final of Tomorrows Talent; Jo and I loved it and we were very grateful for the tickets. You guys clearly do some great work!” -Director of Youth Heroes, Martin Dickson

Thank you for giving me the confidence to achieve and believe in myself again.” -Anonymous (Reachout Client)

They [the Reachout team] are always willing to go that extra mile.” -Anonymous (Reachout Client)

I know now that with all my affairs are in order, that it has taken a massive weight off my shoulders, and my wife will be looked after when I am not here.” -Anonymous (Benefits Client)

The staff are very pleasant and helpful in all areas, they do their very best to help every person who calls in either for advice [on welfare and benefits] or for their CVs.” -Drop in Client

This is the first time I have been to the advice centre and the help and assistance I got was very good. I will recommend it to others.” -Drop in Client

Involve is a God send.” -Benefits Client

Always willing to help, even if only advice to us is via the phone. Clients of all ages are seen quickly.” -Age UK

Very knowledgeable around benefits. Available to my patients; reassuring and professional. Accommodating with appointments.” -Wirral University Trust Hospital