Project ManagerMicha

‘As a young person, I was always keen to get involved with community activities …organising my first street party in Birkenhead at the age of 10! I was never afraid to get stuck in and always wanted influence positive change and community togetherness. Throughout my studies I was constantly seeking different ways of supporting in the community and took on many duties and new challenges outside of my studies. I have volunteered and worked for a variety of organisations in different parts of the Northwest in the Third and Public Sector working often with vulnerable families. Since graduating in 2003, I have continuously sought to further my skills and knowledge through additional training, new challenges and work experiences. The different roles I have carried out employed, as a mother and on a voluntary basis have given me wealth of experience and understanding within many areas. In particular, a real insight in to the barriers and solutions there can be for individuals and communities to grow with a positive shift in language, acceptance, support and a strength based approach. I am a firm believer in people being supported to know their rights, have a voice, take ownership of their actions and be involved in decisions that impact upon them. Everyone has something to offer! I am truly excited to have the opportunity to steer this project and be part of a team who are passionate, positive and believe in people! Our Connectors have the experience and energy to work tirelessly to build on the aspirations of Connect Us and the Communities we work alongside. In knowing this, I am confident that the Connect Us will be a project that will certainly leave its mark!’