In December 2019 we were delighted to open our 'Community Hub' as an additional service to add to the Involve family. Our dream was always to have a centre that acts as the hub to everything we do, that makes people feel wanted and welcome and a safe place for local people to visit when a problem arises. Our hub has a lounge area with free tea & coffee, fresh fruit and a clothing section with household goods.

The hub also has a range of activities delivered every day such as drama workshops, to help people feel positive and have a sense of belonging.

A crucial part of the Community Hub is a food store which is filled with donations from our staff, our partners and two local businesses. Every month we give food away to at least 200 people and families in need.

With the current crisis we are all facing, we wanted to ensure that we could help as many families as possible not only during this time but beyond that. As well as delivering food parcels, helping on the Covid help lines, delivering prescriptions and generally being there for all of our clients.

We have given out all of our supplies of food to the Wirral effort, meaning that when we do return to open our doors again to you all, our food store will be empty.

So, we have launched a Just Giving page to help raise funds to go towards our very own Food Hub. We donated all of our supplies to the COVID-19 effort on the Wirral and, because we rely solely on donations to stock our shelves, we need your help to make sure that when we open our doors again, we have plenty to support our community.

We have created a Just Giving page for donations. Click the image below to donate and to view our take on the Amarillo video that's been making the rounds